Frequently Asked Questions

What is the roam?

The Roam is a submission-based publication that cultivates passion projects in and out of the University of Oregon advertising program. The projects are based on themed briefs that prompt students to think outside the box. We provide a platform for students to showcase their talent without the pressures of clients or credit.

What is a brief?

In brief, a brief is an on-ramp for a project. It provides basic structure and guidelines for creatives to follow. Think of The Roam’s briefs as a prompt with no goddamn rules.

What is a passion project?

A passion project gets you fired up and makes you happy. It is something that pushes your creativity and builds your skills. It also requires you to be self-motivated and be your own boss. It can live in any medium, from creating your own nonprofit to building an art installation.

Why passion projects?

Agencies expect great work to be on your portfolio—passion projects are the bonus features that make you stand out. A robust portfolio that pulses with side hustles and weekend projects shows that you’re bursting at the seams with creativity.

What’s the commitment?

Slim to none. We don’t regularly meet, however we often hold creative jam sessions that allow students to collaborate and network with one another.

What is a jam session?

A jam session is an opportunity to get feedback on your ideas, get your questions answered, and get inspired. Although you can work alone, we encourage team submissions. These are the talented and project-hungry people you see in Allen every day. This is your team.

Talk about these panelists…

The panelists are a mix of industry professionals, professors, and alumni. Their roles in the process include viewing the submitted projects and providing feedback in regard to strengthening the work. Because no matter how great it is, it can always be better.

Does the project need to be entirely new? Or can I tweak a past school/passion project?

If you have created something in the past that you love and feel that it fits the brief, then you are totally allowed to submit it. However, the point of The Roam is to create something new or at least build upon previous work. We’re always down to connect with you and see how your past projects could be improved upon.

If I’m not an advertising student, should I still submit?

Absolutely! Passion projects and exploring your creativity are good for anyone. If you have a project connected to the brief worth sharing, we would be thrilled to see it.