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What is love? Is it the unwavering affection you have for your pet turtle? Or a deep appreciation you have for that one TV show you continuously return to? Or is it simply a 90s Eurodance phenomenon that has so brilliantly glued itself to the notion of love? We don’t know for sure.

Our second brief, Love Story, is a chance to express your own definition of this enigma we are all so familiar with yet baffled by. This does not need to be a personal story, or even a story about people for that matter. ‘Love’ is an ambiguous concept, and ‘story’ even more so.

Do you love to hate something? Is there a line between loving something and completely nerding out over it? Welcome this brief with an open mind and open heart, and experiment with unorthodox mediums such as silent videos, collections of social posts, or flip books to name a few. As always, there are no wrong interpretations (except for inappropriate content, hate speech, etc.). We can’t wait to see what you create.

Submissions for Love Story are now closed. Thank you to those who submitted work.