Trending topics captivate the world’s concentration, whether they matter or not. However, not all material picks up enough speed to ascend into the viral-sphere. These submissions highlight the marvelous, important, or simply strange.


A Letter From the Editors…

Not Trending was a blend of relevance and ambiguity. Our aim was to encourage exploration of the unexpected, the untapped, and the unfamiliar.

Loneliness. Creative blocks. The little victories. Good or bad, our experiences often stay close to the vest. Just like the submissions for this brief, sometimes we don’t discuss the realities of being young professionals in a creative industry. Shining a light on these often unspoken truths can help make the climb easier. (Click here.)

Our Jam Sessions brought people together to brainstorm for the brief. The students delivered energy, intelligent questions, and homemade pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies. This reaffirmed the reason why we started The Roam in the first place.

We couldn’t be happier with the (whopping two) submissions we received. You have to start somewhere, right? We applaud the crazy-talented Noah and Haley for submitting to a platform without fully defined expectations.

Be on the lookout for our next brief. We can’t wait to see how The Roam grows!